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Customisation: Crafting Uniqueness with Sustainability

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In a world increasingly conscious to the impact of our choices, the marriage of custom craftsmanship and sustainability is not just a trend but an intentional decision to tread lightly on our planet. Our collection of bentwood chairs and stools not only allows you to craft uniqueness but does so with a deep commitment to sustainability.

Immerse yourself in the essence of wood with our timeless dining chairs and counter stools—testaments to the artistry unlocked through the bending of this beautiful material. Choose from our selection of four timber finishes, each a celebration of the inherent beauty of the wooden frame. These finishes not only highlight the natural allure of the wood but also provides you with the opportunity to tailor your chair to seamlessly integrate into the visual aesthetic of your space.


The true transformation of a chair lies in the art of selecting the perfect upholstery fabric. We collaborate with high-quality fabric suppliers, offering a diverse array of options to cater to the unique tastes of our clients. Our commitment to durability is reflected in the longevity of our wooden frames, designed to stand the test of time. 

At Woodbender we are commitment to sustainability. The very core of our products lies in responsibly sourced materials. The Ash wood used in our manufacturing process is sourced from sustainably grown forests, ensuring that for every tree used, another is planted—a testament to our dedication to preserving our precious natural resources.



But sustainability isn't just about sourcing; it's also about longevity. Our products are crafted to last, embodying the essence of sustainable design. By investing in a Woodbender product, you're not just acquiring a beautiful piece of furniture; you're making a choice for enduring quality that minimises the need for frequent replacements, reducing your environmental footprint.

Our seating specialists are well trained in guiding you through our range of hand-crafted bentwood furniture. To find out more - get in touch.

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