The Story of a Chair: Upholstery and Tinting

Once the frame of the chair has been completed, it moves on to our spraying area,
where the customer’s chosen stain finish will be applied. This part of our factory consists of three spray booths.

The process starts when our team applies the stain, followed by a base coat. The
piece is then rubbed down and a final coat is applied.


The spraying process usually takes about an hour, after which the chair moves on to
the upholstery area.


Good to know: Thanks to our quality lacquer finishes, our pieces are easy to clean
– any dust or dirt can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth. Chemical-based
cleaning products should be avoided.

There are 10 members in the upholstery team, and this part of the production
process includes webbing, foaming, cutting of the fabric, sewing of the fabric and
ultimately the upholstery of the final product.


Depending on the chair being upholstered, this process can take anywhere from 10
minutes to almost four hours per piece.


Once the chair is upholstered, the piece is finally complete and ready to move on to
the last stage of the process – quality control and packaging.

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