A Day in The Life Of: Sanders

If you’ve ever sat in one of our chairs and run your hands along the surface of the wood, you’ll notice a silky-smooth finish. This is thanks to our team of sanders who work tirelessly to ensure any little imperfection or bump is worked out. The result is a finish that is free of dents and nicks which is why the sanding part of the furniture making process is key in transforming a simple piece of wood into an investment piece of furniture.

The men who take on this role in the Woodbender family are Bongile, Maxwell, Lundi, Francois, Thembela, and Ben and Andile (who have been sanding with us the longest for the past 4 years). We sat down with the team for a chat to learn more about their work…

Sanders team

What skills are required to make you good at your job?
“As a sander it is important to have a good eye and pay attention to detail so that you can identify the cracks and blemishes in the wood”
“Being able to ensure quality control in each part of the chair”
“Knowing when to change the sandpaper to ensure the end product is smooth. You also need to know the different papers and machinery well”

What are some of the challenges and responsibilities you face each day?
“One of the most challenging parts of the job is making the rings and front legs of any chair and the backrest of the Indaba chair.”
“As a team we’re all held accountable if something goes wrong so we must always remember to work together and support each other”

Sanders station

What is your favourite part of your job?
“My favourite part is when I get to see the finished product”
“I love walking through the mall and seeing Woodbender chairs at the restaurants – I love saying to my family ‘look what I made’. It makes me proud”

How would you describe an ordinary day at work?
“We have a team meeting to discuss what needs to be done each day and then we put on our safety gear and start working”

What is your fondest memory working at Woodbender?
“I have lots of memories here thanks to all the friends I have made, it’s difficult to just choose one”

What advice would you give to someone new on the job?
“Stay calm and focused”
“Support your colleagues, this job takes a lot of team work”

Sanding leg
Sanding Backrest

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