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Woodbender is a family-owned and run business started by the Mast family in 1988. Inspired by the old-world tradition of bending solid wood, we have spent the last three decades building specialised machinery and experimenting with different timbers and designs to create a unique collection of bentwood furniture consisting of chairs, stools, and occasional chairs. Over the years, we have perfected our craft and earned a reputation for never compromising on quality while creating innovative and exceptional furniture pieces. 

Bending wood was first done by hand in the late 18th Century in Europe and was used for making sleighs, tools, and later furniture. There are many benefits of using this manufacturing method for furniture making. First and foremost, for us, is the superior strength and durability that using solid bentwood provides.

Bending solid timber into the required forms reduces the component parts needed. As a result, the product contains fewer joints and fewer potential weak points. The inherent strength of the ash timber is also preserved since instead of cutting the required shapes out of the wood, we bend the shape, keeping the grain of the wood intact. Bending also produces far less waste, and we can therefore optimise a plank of timber and make sure it is efficiently used. In addition, bending solid timber offers unique styling and design opportunities.  





Over more than 30 years, the Woodbender range of chairs, stools, and occasional chairs has earned a reputation in the marketplace for adding lasting value to any décor or functional space requiring a hard-working yet beautiful seating solution. The range constantly evolves and develops to offer our unique interpretation of market needs and trends as we continually stretch the possibilities that bentwood offers. To find out more about how we make our furniture watch our video: The Making of a Woodbender Chair. 

We work with interior designers, architects, restaurants, franchise groups, hotels, casinos, hospitals, retirement villages, sports clubs, schools, offices, and private homeowners. Our professional and experienced sales team works closely with our customers, assisting them in selecting product design, timber finish, and fabric, ensuring that their Woodbender furniture is ideally suited to their unique application. 

Please get in touch with us to speak to one of our seating specialists. 

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